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Global utilities have undergone multiple changeovers in the past decades . Whether it’s about the consequences of inevitable disasters, weather crises, or formulation of new actionable plans- proper analytics and investigation always remains the best mode to embrace advancements. AriesPro is a global leader in steering innovation, increased efficiency, and constant evolution via advanced data analytics solutions for cooperatives, munis and IOUs'. Since 2011, we have been aiding electric, gas, and water utilities to transform their business operations. Recognized as one of the leading data analytics utility companies, AriesPro combines and advancements together at a single platform that make gas, water, and electric utilities capable of surviving amid continuous progressions that take place in infrastructures.

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AriesPro Analytics With Innovation


AriesPro Electric Analytics

AriesPro Electric Analytics (APEA)

AriesPro’s data-driven analytical solution guarantees overnight transition for all sizes of electric utilities (IOU, Muni, Coop). It combines the deployment of CIS, advanced metering, SCADA, MDM, OMS……


Cloud Integrated Vegetation Management (CIVM)

AriesPro's Cloud Integrated Vegetation Management (CIVM) services offer a cutting-edge solution for the challenges of vegetation management around transmission and distribution lines.


Economic Development Tracker (EDTracker)

Maximize your construction project's potential with the flexible and scalable Ariespro EDT system, offering customized digital services to meet your unique needs.

AriesPro UFO

AriesPro™ UFO

Constant development of infrastructure and urbanization has stacked up countless nerve-wracking challenges for the utility’s engineering & operations.……

AriesPro SMAA

AriesPro™ SMAA

Sharp rise in the demand for uninterrupted electricity supplies and higher loads on transmission & distribution systems has made utilities a lot more devoted to real time asset evaluation……

AriesPro Adeal

AriesPro™ ADEAL

ADEAL keeps a check on energy deficiency (and its main cause) from G&T to the substation to meter level, thereby eventually reaching the commercial and industrial consumers……


Set Your Utilities To Development Mode With Our Fully Functional Mobile Applications

Autili Mobile Application

AUTILI Mobile Application

Proficiently engineered cloud-based app, available with unique functionalities and powerful to unleash extreme possibilities in customer management. It provides valuable data for optimizing back-office crew operations….

UtiliPro Mobile App

UTILIPRO Mobile Application

Advanced data analytics and service support app designed for utilities engineers & managers who wish to revamp utility models embracing innovations, automation, and data deployment. It has unique features...

AriesPro UCRA


Unique Utility customer relationship app aiming to help utilities that confront trouble in morphing their previous customer service strategies into excellent assistance. It further illustrates the importance of a ‘sound customer relationship’...

Cloud Offer

Leverage AriesPro Cloud Offerings For Sustainable Growth

Cloud empowers innovative and adaptable working models for sustainable development in this advanced world. However, the decision to adopt & establish can be complex and costly. Don’t fret! Drive adequate automation to accelerate your company’s growth with our full spectrum of digital, analytics and enterprise cloud solutions.

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Why AriesPro Before Anything?

Our world-renowned cloud-based utility analytics company keeps on reinventing broad ideas & knowledge about the industry. Holding the groundbreaking technology and valuable software, it empowers utilities across the world to obtain definite reliable data in due course. We have a proficient advisory team, operation managers, and a dynamic workforce who transform dreams into reality for thousands of modern utility businesses. The journey may turn challenging, but success is guaranteed.


Cloud Transformation

Transform and modernize your on premise infrastructure and applications to new cloud based applications using AriesPro’s IaaS and PaaS offerings.

Cloud Software as a Services (SaaS)

Adapt and accelerate the full potential of AriesPro Software as a Service by leveraging our cloud innovative capabilities for Utilities, Airport and Public Sector industries.

Hybrid Cloud Management Solution

AriesPro’s Hybrid Cloud Management solution offering provides leading edge innovation covering full suite of design, build, migrate, operate and optimize across private and public cloud environment.

Client Success Stories


Data Analytics Transforms Power and Energy Utilities


Empowering A Major Western South Carolina Electric Cooperative With Advanced Predictive Outage Management Analytics

Our clients Testimonials


“Their team helped us to upgrade machines and assets in our utility and guided us well on embracing the latest technologies and recommended that we use one of their products, SMAA. We can track near real-time maintenance requirements and update the team on maintenance schedules using this asset management-oriented solution. The notification feature prevents critical issues like asset breakdown and critical interruption in the powerhouse, which may take a longer time to fix the asset back into pristine condition.”


North Ohio Public Power, Manager E & O


“We recognize AriesPro as an industry leader in helping us to deal with inefficient power management. They understood the client side’s needs and suggested the best solution. They thoroughly reviewed the assets, active machines, etc., and then implemented one of their AI and ML-based solutions, UFO. We appreciate the features of this solution, such as notifications feature, real-time data management, fast resolution of meter and wire-related issues through sound data management. ”


Western South Carolina Coop, VP of Operations


"AriesPro updated our current manual vegetation management processes with their Cloud IVM system application. Their team helped us to deploy Cloud IVM in no time and train our staff and ROW crew fairly easily. By implementing Integrated Vegetation Management in the field, we could identify vegetation-related outages and issues proactively, rectify issues, and cut down ROW maintenance costs. We cut our ROW cost by 24% in a single-year cycle."


South Texas Cooperative, General Manager


"AriesPro worked with us as a systems integrator and leading edge innovator helping us drill through several years’ of data across multiple systems within our water/waste water operational systems to provide immediate insight into active leaks, water meter sizing issues, asset challenges, water and revenue losses. The results exceeded our expectations and we have continued this business partnership to explore several areas within our public services enterprise for improving service reliability and customer satisfaction."


Major Water Utility Authority in Texas, Assistant Director Water/WW Utilities


“I have been working with AriesPro for over 3 years, and they have provided the best data driven analytical solution for my team. Our day-day engineering and operations challenges have been addressed with few clicks of results, that's the power of BI and analytics. They provide highest quality solutions for utilities and their turnaround time for delivering solution is second to none. AriesPro stands out in their attention to detail and excellence in building long lasting relationship"


Major Electric Cooperative in North Carolina, VP of Engineering

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TechAdvantage 2020

AriesPro Solar and Renewables Energy Analytics client presentation at TechAdvantage conference. Please visit us to find out what’s new in utility industry technology and enter to win Grand Prize contest.

Connections Summit - 2020

Join us at Connections Summit event to learn more about AriesPro data analytics, solar and renewables energy analytics software products focused on public utilities. As an event sponsor of this event, you will more opportunities to learn and win grand prizes.


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