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About UTILIPRO Mobile App 

UTILIPRO is a cloud-based Multi-Service Utility mobile application designed for All in One services for customers and Coop members. UTILIPRO app manages all electric, water, gas and broadband utility services accounts, track usage, pay bills, monitor budget, connect with utility for any service request, get notified about outage or water/gas leaks, and much more. It seamlessly sharpens existing strategies and their key competencies at gas, electric, water, and broadband utilities with proper processes optimization through a user-friendly app.

The app supports Android, iOs, and other popular versions. 

Discover How UTILIPRO Stands Out From Others

One-stop Solution For All

Uninterrupted communication is a vital part of a smart utility network. The same is also mandatory for average enterprises and businesses. Using our standalone application utility bodies can effectively prevent miscommunication or juggling information with its cloud-based portal open equally for utility members, consumers, crew, and associated authorities.

Proactive communication becomes ten times more important during sudden trouble at either substation or distribution level. Leaders ought to ensure accuracy in delivered information. Otherwise, the problem may get doubled.

Multi-Service Benefit

UTILIPRO serves higher flexibility by managing multiple utility industries- electric, gas, water,  and broadband collectively rather than asking members or utilities to use separate platforms. Depending on the circumstances, respective parties can make a shift and collect data for optimizing the infrastructure.

Key functionalities consists-

- App proficiently tracks and measures overall energy usage to provide data facts both for customers and utilities so that they can find out if the usage limit is being exceeded. By doing so, it brings outstanding financial and operational benefits for utilities. On the customer's side, it prevents extra consumption. 

Calculates fair bills for gas, electric, water, and broadband usage according to exact consumption. Moreover, it allows customers to access the details for analysis purposes. Billing & payment process entails CIS, meter reading, AMI, GIS, etc system that is easy to integrate with existing soiftware used at utilities.

Keeps customers/members updated with the latest utility news, including changes in policies, upcoming events, transmissions & distribution-related press reports. Beside that, the news portal works as a great space to receive information about potential outages, servicing schedules, and machine maintenance which interrupts energy supply.

- Offers an online self system portal, a blend of open-ended connectivity and unique technologies that allow customers to report issues, find out the cause, get vital information,  and fix the trouble in real time. Putting itg simply- UTILIPRO aims to make customers self-reliant. 

Whoever among the entire customers requests the status about work progress, our advanced app lets them view live status on request, which is indeed necessary for consumers during the situation of a power outage, irregular water supply, broadband service disruption, faults in the gas distribution network.

- Mapping on the app, Instead of making assumptions, customers can check accurate positions about repairing & maintenance of current utility service issues. 

The platform automatically generates alerts, notifications, and pop-ups  to enhance the customer service experience. This feature covers future outages, potential disruption in water supply, and forecasted actions that sound disturbing.


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