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Initial Title: Through this contract, Mshana Group LLC DBA AriesPro offers Software as a Service (SaaS), Software, Commercial Off-the-Shelf (COTS), Turnkey Solutions and Related Maintenance, Support and Resources Services. Customers can purchase directly through us with this DIR contract. This DIR Contract may be used by any Texas state agency, unit of local government, institution of higher education as defined in Section 2054.003, Texas Government Code, and those state agencies purchasing from a DIR contract through an Interagency Agreement, as authorized by Chapter 771, Texas Government Code, any local government as authorized through the Interlocal Cooperation Act, Chapter 791, Texas Government Code, and the state agencies and political subdivisions of other states as authorized by Section 2054.0565, Texas Government Code.

Our SaaS Solutions and Services

Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise asset management (EAM) is a broad term used by vendors to describe software that provides managers with a way to view company-owned assets.


Ever since the global utilities have suffered the consequences of power failure due to inefficient vegetation management, the federal and respective state governments mandated vegetation management for every active utility company.


Sharp rise in the demand for uninterrupted electricity supplies and higher loads on transmission & distribution systems has made utilities a lot more devoted to real time asset evaluation.


Constant development of infrastructure and urbanization has stacked up countless nerve-wracking challenges for the utility’s engineering & operations.


Average electric utilities keep around 60% of the entire employees in the fields who bear the whole responsibility to solve power outages, substation improvement, and similar critical issues.

IT Managed Services

Partnering with AriesPro for your IT-managed services means you can focus on your core business while we take care of your IT infrastructure.

Cloud Database Managed Services

The databases are infrastructure-critical components of enterprise IT. Businesses continue to have difficulties in managing portfolios of data that are getting bigger, more complicated, and more essential for performance. we leverage IT optimization techniques to provide top-notch database management services.

Cloud Services

Cloud provides access to wider data processing capacity through quick set up, which is a boon for utilities seeking real time solutions. It also lowers the expenses, risk of aging, and suspicious access to equipment’s data and models.

IT Governance Services & Project Management

To remain competitive, organization need a flexible and responsive IT environment that enable them to respond to today's changing markets.

IT Security Services

AriesPro has proven industry experience working on complex IT cyber security, compliance, governance and managed services projects for leading organizations.

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This contract offers the following SaaS, Software products and Related services. Please contact AriesPro team for the latest information.

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Software as a Solution (SaaS), Platform as a Solution (PaaS), Software Products, Support Services.

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