IT Security Services

IT Security Services

Overview of AriesPro IT Security Services - 

AriesPro has proven industry experience working on complex IT cyber security, compliance, governance and managed services projects for leading organizations. Our NERC CIP compliant services contains step-by-step guidelines, cyber security framework and maturity model (C2M2) to enhance the capabilities of cyber security and threats management. Through our customized cyber security analytical solution, utilities can detect operational assets, network, and systems threat proactively and perform remediation, forensics analysis activities to gain true situational awareness.

The service offers cyber security and compliance planning, vulnerability & threats assessment, security awareness architecture & policy development, security implementation, penetration testing, detection, threats alignment, remediation, secure maintenance and enhancements support.

Benefits/KPIs - 

As a Critical Infrastructure and Security organization, our group of talented security specialists available to augment plan staff in assessing, designing, implementing, and planning a comprehensive NERC CIP and SOX compliance program. By implementing our best security compliance practices approach, many organizations are able to enhance their current security and compliance strategies to meet the NERC/CIP, FERC and SOX standards, reduce their direct information technology security and critical infrastructure costs by up to 25 percent, while gaining an additional 5-35 percent savings from cost avoidance and security risk reduction.

Improve Your Overall Security Posture

• Identify systems, assets and data flows to effectively segment your network into defined zones and conduits

• Comply with industry best-practices, compliance and regulations (NERC-CIP V5, SOX, NIST, Cobit, ISO)

Prevent Production Loss and Downtime

• Identify and prioritize specific risks that impact critical and production systems

• Tune your network architecture and information flows to improve resiliency and reliability

• Identify areas of vulnerability in critical infrastructure through constant alert monitoring mechanism. 

Maximize Incident Response Capability

• Minimize the potential impact of a cyber incident through preparation and understanding

• Quantify, classify and prioritize risks so issues can be addressed efficiently and systematically

Facilitate Compliance Efforts

• Fine-tune your security policies and practices to align with relevant industry standards, regulations and guidelines

• Experience in NERC-CIP V3 to V5 transition

• Maintain detailed and comprehensive documentation to assist with regulatory compliance efforts and audits for NERC-CIP V3/V5, SOX, SANS/NIST TOP 20, ISO, Cobit 4.0

AriesPro Expertise in IT Security, Compliance and Governance Services - 

  • Experience in developing strong common information security management framework, a complete security protection approach with integrated cyber and physical security assessment and real-time integrated network visualization and monitoring

  • Implementation of NERC Standards CIP-002 through CIP-009 provided for a comprehensive cyber security framework. NERC CIP compliance encompasses the Electrical, Physical, and Personnel security as well as training and awareness

    • Electronic Security (CIP-002, CIP-003, CIP-005, CIP-007, CIP-008, CIP-009)

    • Physical Security (CIP-006)

    • Personnel & Training (CIP-004)

  • We have the technical knowledge, industry experience and cyber security trained personnel to assist any company in making any network NERC CIP, SOX, NIST, ISO compliant

  • Our regulatory compliant solutions work on any technology security and control systems

  • Our organization has most updated knowledge of NERC-CIP (Version 3 to 5), SOX, NIST, and ISO regulations and participation in a utilities industry and government groups

  • We have expertise in the latest security threat & vulnerability policies, procedures and SIEM technologies for zero day threat & intrusion detection and prevention, firewalls and networks

  • Our security & compliance model is based on DOE cyber capabilities maturity model (C2M2) and methodology ensuring regulatory compliance at any point in enterprise

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