Outage Management System (OMS) Integration

Outage Management System (OMS) Integration


We Make Outage Management Cup Of Tea for Utility Industries 

Major portions of global energy utilities have shifted to automated outage management approaches with the ultimate aim of accelerating overall productivity, refining the existing customer support service, and efficiently handling expanding system growth.

Although automation in utility remains an ever-changing method, some integration never goes outdated, OMS is one among them. The widely used data driven technology continues to dominate other outage management techniques that were prevalent at some point.?

At Ariespro, we introduce unique OMS to make utilities capable of  solving power outages on time.  Using it, engineers, managers, and crew members can together work in a proactive manner for restoring power drop.


The system collects customer queries and sends accumulated data to the back office crew. At the same time, it performs obligatory assessments and dispatches outage reviews. Utilities can also determine the estimated number of crew members required to solve the trouble using our profound OMS integration.

Walking down to the next crucial step, OMS integration with other key operational systems connects all crucial steps from the time meters or substation or customers reports an outage to power outage restoration efforts to notifying affected customers via seamless web and mobile platforms. Utilities use this outage management integration, especially during major storms and other system failure situations.

Key expertise of Aries Pro's OMS systems integration services are mentioned below:-

1.  Systematic development of advanced OMS systems and relevant programs interface to deploy the same into existing utility environments.

2.  Establishes a secure communication  between customers and utility back office operations and field workforce by providing them accurateinsights about outages instances.

 3.  Offers 24*7 technical post-production assistance and discrete monitoring to track the reliability of work done by crew members and solving issues if any show up.

 4.  Proficiently monitors the whole power distribution system to highlight weak points which may later result in hazardous outage scenes.

 5.  Keep restoration attempts in the first place and manage different resources automatically in the meantime, helping utilities to concentrate solely on resuming power supplies.

 6.  Suspects faults in the distribution system & assets even though the customers do not register any complaints.

7.  Quickly integrates with smart grid systems such as AMI/MDM, CIS, GIS, ADMS, SCADA, AMS, and leading data analytics structure to  address the brainstorming challenges energy utilities confronts nowadays.

Together with OMS, a successful utility must have a sound power distribution system. Not just AriesPro, in fact, the global utilities analytics provider admits that organized network models and efficient outage management supplements each other.

Simply stated- A decent outage management system is the backbone of modern utilities.

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