IT Governance Services & Project Management

IT Governance Services & Project Management

To remain competitive, organization need a flexible and responsive IT environment that enable them to respond to today's changing markets. Effective IT governance helps them align IT with their business needs. AriesPro's IT governance consulting leverages our intellectual capital and experience in business and IT services along with industry best practices to help our clients establish IT governance that can improve their IT efficiency, effectiveness and responsiveness as well as control over their IT operations.

IT governance exists within the context of corporate governance, and the principles are essentially the same. IT governance is an accountability framework and management process that helps our clients to define and communicate what must be done in IT alignment such as annual IT plan agreed to by the stakeholders and provide the rigorous oversight to ensure that it is well executed. Our IT governance and project management solution help them drive collaborative interactions and provide feedback mechanisms that encourage communication and desirable behaviors within a defined and agreed upon organization model. Such framework builds well-defined roles and responsibilities reflecting decision rights among the participants in the IT management process and is reinforced by effective factual reporting shared to all stakeholders via the organizational committees.

Adopting governance best practices:

Our IT Management Consulting Services - IT governance consulting helps our clients integrate governance best practices to align IT with their business goals and help them ensure resources are responsibly allocated. AriesPro leverage best practices and proven methods to define clear decision-making structures with management controls that drive IT performance improvements, allowing faster time-to-market for the business and use of IT as a competitive business enabler. Our approach facilitates discussions among our clients' key decision makers, helping them to improve the understanding of governance capabilities in your environment, leading to quicker adoption of governance best practices.

AriesPro's consulting services are aligned and grouped in the following functional areas:


  • IT Strategy for validating current state, identification of opportunities for improvement and a roadmap for transformation to future state.

  • IT Governance Framework for effective implementation of IT Strategy.

  • M&A Post Merger IT Integration for planning and managing seamless integration of people, process & technology with respect to IT capabilities and assets.

  • IT Transformation & Simplification for better efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Sourcing Strategy for validation of existing sourcing strategy & capabilities, develop futuristic road map.                                      


  • Governance of IT service management designs clear and transparent decision-making responsibilities for services and service management processes.

  • Demand Planning, Prioritization & Balancing for streamlined demand capture & filtration, portfolio planning and balancing demand vs. capacity to create right sized delivery capability to support the IT demand.

  • IT Operating Model Design and development of the target operating model in achieving business-IT objectives for the future.

  • Sourcing Governance to enable effective implementation of Sourcing Strategy.      


  • Program Planning & Mobilization for predictable program /project delivery by reducing risks and maximizing benefit realization.

  • PPM & PMO Solutions for design and establishment of a Portfolio / Program / Project Management Office.

  • Sourcing Performance Management for tracking achievement of sourcing goals and monitoring and managing supplier performance.   



  • Setting up Project-Portfolio Management process framework , alignment for the change portfolio organization.

  • Benefit Management to maximize probability of IT program benefits into realization through establishment of a robust Benefit Governance Framework for the organizational IT Change Initiatives.

  • IT Performance Management for effective IT Strategy Implementation, enabling enterprise governance, and providing transparency to business.

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