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Power distribution might seem to be a straightforward arrangement in general, but one cannot simply figure out the complicated mechanism hidden behind this. The intact excursion of electricity being generated at power plants to landing over powerlines is undoubtedly a complex system.

Although utilities and electric engineering departments hold on to the main focus on enhancing power supply, they also can’t overlook the ultimate goal of reducing per unit rate.

Employing AriesPro ADEAL, electric utilities can reduce the power distribution cost, operational cost, and even the expenditure on power purchase by embracing advanced technologies that are combined with sharp analytics.

It further revamps distribution devices to avoid unnecessary power failure on the system alongside deploying automation to boost performance significantly and reduce the costs incurred in each step.

Key features Of ADEAL includes:
1. ADEAL keeps a check on energy deficiency (and its main cause) from G&T to the substation to meter level,  thereby eventually reaching the commercial and industrial consumers.
2. Measure, analyze, and control load on distribution devices to avoid unnecessary power failure on the system.
3. Timely identification of troubleshooting issues in technical infrastructures that enhance the grid efficiency for uninterrupted and cost-effective power supplies.
4. ADEAL is not merely about determining the pain points in the electric utility workspace, but it takes a deep dive into presenting an ideal solution.

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