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Overview –


Today rising pressures on government continue to influence public sector IT spending. Government agencies are looking for better and more efficient ways to measure and report performance, both at individual and organizational levels, while providing efficient and high quality services to reduce costs and meet citizen expectations. Increasingly government agencies are turning to sophisticated packaged software solutions to help them meet these challenges.  AriesPro’s Public Sector Enterprise Data Warehouse (PEDW) with industry standard 3NF data model and best practices provides a comprehensive analytic solution to help federal government and state agencies (such as Federal, Healthcare, State & Local, Education, etc.) monitor performance and analyze trends. Enterprise data warehouse (Centralize Repository) enables the integration and use of disparate data sources from existing systems within the organization. It gives broad access to authorized end users and provides business intelligence that transforms qualified data into empowering information for superior decision-making and policy initiatives within public sector entities.


Benefits/KPIs –


Using years of progressive data warehouse experience and proven methodologies AriesPro has provided several benefits to public organization and citizens:


  • Dramatically reduced administrative time and costs across all departments

  • Comprehensive set of reports, dashboards, and analytics to provide clinicians with consolidated and accurate information in Health Analytics

  • More efficient city, county, state and federal reporting

  • Fire companies access critical building safety and condition information from multiple sources before they arrive at an emergency or inspection

  • Optimized and accelerated delivery of citizens services

  • Facilitated creation of business intelligence

  • Identified and empowered data stewards

  • Transformed organization into one that makes business intelligence-based decisions and actions


AriesPro’s Enterprise Data Warehouse solution –


Enterprise data warehouse solutions developed by AriesPro allow you to take advantage of its public sector best practices, proven EDW methodologies and frameworks, and with any type/size of databases (from small to large scale). In addition to helping optimize information technology, our solutions enable you to improve the processes within your governmental agency or educational institution and empower data stewards, who often hold the key to moving forward, but are not usually included within formal decision-making.

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