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In today’s world everything is online,digital transformation and self-service (less human interaction more digital). Engaging customers via phone calls and paper mail notifications are thing of the past. With newer generation getting online, following self-service capabilities and relying on information available off the internet, it become scrucial for Utility industry to find ways to engage with their customers more frequently and through various digital channels available online.

AriesPro’s AI for Utilities (AAIU) is a major step forward on creating new digital avenues to connect with customers,learn their portfolio through various machine learning data driven techniques and engage and promote programs through those channels.


-         Transform digital channels into more realistic information powerhouse using AriesPro AI algorithms

-    Provide information readiness on water conservation using near real time operational technology data via self service methods

-    Alert customers before situation about to occur

-    Engage customers and gain full service reliability promise

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