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Leading In Vegetation Management For Decades 

Ever since the global utilities have suffered the consequences of power failure due to inefficient vegetation management, the federal and respective state governments mandated vegetation management for every active utility company.

Compared to other nations, the USA’s electrical grid stands as the largest, consisting of around high-voltage 200,000 miles transmission & distribution lines in addition to 5.5 million regional distribution lines.

Bigger infrastructure bears more vegetation risks and they also encounter several obstacles while attempting to expand their distribution capabilities. All these facts raise the concern among electric utilities since improper vegetation management leads to terrible outages, wildfire, and droopy blackouts.

Brilliant news is that utilities possess multiple methods to control vegetation, especially the widely utilized ‘Rights of Way’ maintenance approach. Benefits of ROW are quite broad which mainly includes chemical-based treatment, mechanical trimming, treatment of roadside herbicides, occasional trimming, and so on.

Both utilities and the vegetation management department keep rights of way in the first place to ensure uninterrupted power supplies. It controls the shrubs from capturing the electric lines, whereas the roots damage the underground supply system.

Taking all these facts into mind, AriesPro vegetation maintenance analytics offers a broad range of analytical solutions for utilities seeking a sound vegetation control program.

Introducing AriesPro Cloud Analytics to Vegetation Management

AriesPro’s vegetation maintenance & control analytics offers numerous benefits to utilities for making them capable of avoiding vegetation-related outages. Over the years, we equip engineers and vegetation managers with innovative technologies that keep the power grid operational enough to cater to surging consumer demand.


Here’s what we can do 


Ariespro believes that prevention is better than cure. With deep industry experience and powerful vegetation maintenance analytics, we save utilities from falling into the worst state of wildfire.
The company also provides an appropriate vegetation cycle maintenance program that effectively forecasts and schedules the correct vegetation control before it obtrudes the right of way in electric utilities.
We dispatch comprehensive reports based on vegetation overgrowth, maintenance, and anticipated risk to infrastructure due to delay in control procedure. A significant portion of these reports concludes preventive measures considering past damages, which is then followed by real-time data analytics.

Our expertise mentors vegetation departments on growing trees, herbs, etc with suitable spaces between them and in a way that must align the standards that have been set out through data analytics. This action is performed without disturbing the ecosystem even a bit.

AriesPro follows the rules of the dynamic world. We keep on testing new vegetation maintenance strategies to serve utilities with the best.


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