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Modern technologies and a frequent upturn in utility management techniques have been redefining the way energy corporations operate.

Despite the advancements, various challenges such as insufficient water supply, an increasing number of global consumers, the declining capacity of surface plants, and infrastructure obsolescence kept on bringing hard times in the industry.

Coming out as the optimal solution, AriesPro’s Unified Field Operation (UFO) application for water analytics streamlines chaotic modes of operation to amplify the capabilities of the assets and lowers overall capital expenditure.

The prolific approach of UFO volunteers active operations, machines, production assets, etc to filter out gainful insights from different sources in the form of clear datasets. It scans multiple systems that contribute to the efficient water supply.

UFO for water brings customers and utilities together over a compact self-service provider portal that keeps track of every asset being used at utilities, whether small or giant. Down this path, the application suggests shortcuts to tackle unexpected water distribution flaws for sustained functionality.

Features & Abilities:-

 The UFO application investigates, researches, tests,  and then finally dispatches ample amounts of real-time data that mentors water utility engineers to strengthen the solution-providing operations with great ease. 

- Maximizes the working ability of meters, sensors, water distribution assets, and resources side by side empowering utility businesses to grow multifold. 

- Delivers complete insights and valid resolutions to work on anticipated supply shut down, low water pressure, customers’ issues, and internal technical issues.


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