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Constant development of infrastructure and urbanization has stacked up countless nerve-wracking challenges for the  utility’s engineering & operations.

Similar to any other major utilities, electric utility has also jumped on the bandwagon of innovation, analytics, and automation. They now understand that the world is changing at a fast pace where sustainability isn’t possible without artificial intelligence.

All thanks to AriesPro’s UFO since it owes absolute responsibility to optimizes the operational capability of utilities by bridging the gap with accurate data and information. Best is yet to come…explore the infinite possibilities at AriesPro UFO to make the  most out of your utilities.


How AriesPro™ UFO assists electric Utilities 
Being a revolutionary integration of AriesPro, UFO (unified field operations) is bound to boost the operational capabilities of G&T and  distribution systems.
This robust mobile and web-enabled application combines data analytics and AI to proficiently monitor entire operations in electric utilities and provide reliable data from different sources to make them competent enough for reporting outages and solving such troubles on time.
UFO aims to connect utilities with customers/members using a sound self portal system to provide real-time situation awareness. Not just observation of faults,  it also uncovers remedies to get a quicker resolution for fixing power outages and other hindrances
Looking on the bright side, AriesPro UFO addresses the concern of public utilities, cooperatives, and equivalents by offering them self-service process automation and data analytics methodology.
With appropriate utilization of furnished analytics, utilities are able to eliminate short-term, long-term, and frequent power outages in the denominated geographical area. Comprehensive reports on predictive outages enhance the capabilities of service reliability and operational efficiency.

In a nutshell, the UFO app promotes automation while managing every single action from initial power outages reporting to supply of adequate information to restore the same.

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