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Improving Your Business Sustainability To Strengthen The Long-Term Relationship With The Customers

The world is transforming at a fast pace, which has a significant impact on how utility businesses work.  When utility companies are considered, they have brought numerous changes in their functioning approach in the past few years by embracing artificial intelligence, data analytics, automation, and other leading technologies.

While utility companies focus more on digitization, they also can’t ignore the tremendous advantages of customer relationship improvement. Somewhere between the rising customer expectations and curiosity, utilities are tending to reform their mode of customer handling that most aligns with the changes in the industries so far.

Evolution is not the scenario on the business side; customers have also become quite innovative and require enormous amounts of information with time. Their queries are not only limited to billing, but they demand complete (and validated) information, quick response to the complaints, and even some enclosed information.

Looking at these perspectives, AriesPro UCRA (utility customer relationship app) takes initiative to help utility industries that confront trouble in morphing their previous customer service strategies into excellent assistance. Since its inception, we have been committed to helping electricity, water, gas, and broadband utilities and we clearly understand the importance of ‘good customer relationship’ in a business.

How Does AriesPro™ UCRA Works

Establish stronger relationships between customers and utilities to improvise the service standard and provide quick solutions.

Keep customers engaged with the utilities so that no communication gap should be there.

Encourages millennials, especially long-term utility customers to utilize the advantages of customer service and other conveniences such as paying bills via online mode, usage tracking, and access to the tools.

Raises customers’ interest in the utilities by facilitating clear communication and constant support from the providers.

AriesPro currently offers two fully-functional mobile apps for more effective implementation of UCRA:-


Utility companies are investing a good amount in improving customer service and back-office operations as demand for ‘prompt solution’ surges.

For lending them a helping hand, AriesPro introduces a smart utility enterprise AI and analytics mobile-friendly AUTILI app that works best for support staff crew by delivering real-time data through sound predictive analytics. 

Holding onto the right information, energy services staff can reinforce the relationship with customers/members and can address their issues in the best possible way.


UTILIPRO is an absolute customer-dedicated utility app that serves higher flexibility in managing multiple utility industries- electric, gas, water,  and broadband collectively rather than asking members or utilities to use separate platforms.

Depending on the requisites and instances, energy providers can make a shift and collect data for optimizing the infrastructure. 

This user-friendly app aims to prevent miscommunication or juggling up of information with its cloud-based portal open equally for utility members, consumers, crew, and associated authorities.


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