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Sharp rise in the demand for uninterrupted electricity supplies and higher loads on transmission & distribution systems has made utilities a lot more devoted to real time asset evaluation.

Safeguarding of high side and low side substation equipment requires routine asset maintenance of distribution breakers, down line relays, regulators, power transformers, reclosers etc to strengthen the existing capability in a typical optimal manner.

Considering the scenario, AriesPro SMAA (substation maintenance automation app) proactively tracks maintenance and testing to keep all assets  in a pristine condition. It turns helpful at a point where average asset examination & data accumulation approaches can’t meet the required standards.

Over the past few years, energy industries have preferred shifting to an exceptional analysis model to combat brainstorming troubles that often take place while utilities  attempt to expand the performance capacity.

Moreover, engineers and operational managers  recognize SMAA as a proficient mentor which could make them aware of the condition of dynamic possessions.

Key features of SMAA includes:

      1. 1. SMAA tracks near real-time asset maintenance requisites that may result in a critical power interruption at some point.
      2. 2. Automatic testing notification to prevent critical assets from severe damages.
      3. 3. Prophetical evaluation of various components besides necessary maintenance.
      4. 4. Precise Information allocation among multiple departments that cut down the barriers in communication.
      5. 5. Forecasts maintenance schedule for critical substation equipment in an instant.

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