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Strengthening Enterprise-wide Utility Operations Through Outstanding Mobile Technologies 

Average electric utilities keep around 60% of the entire employees in the fields who bear the whole responsibility to solve power outages, substation improvement, and similar critical issues.
These crews rely on back office administration & support to get a clear overview of the customer issues. Once they have enough details in hand, the workforce can fix the fault, cross-check the same, and finally update the progress to the back office team.
Making this scenario possible, AriesPro introduces a smart utility enterprise AI and analytics mobile-friendly AUTILI app that works best for support staff crew by delivering real time data through sound predictive analytics.
The cloud-based app boasts unique functionalities and powerful integration that can execute almost every imperative responsibility of progressive utilities towards customers. The entire crew in the back office follows instructions of this application since it guarantees accuracy.
The astounding revolution of smartphones and other portable communication devices has already inspired utility industries to incorporate existing working procedures with mobile technologies.
Now, with AUTILI, utilities have got a better grip over entire utility operations and enterprise integration through a single mobile app.
Leading features of the application:
1. Keep utilities, especially the back office team connected with customers so that no notifications could be missed.
2. Dispatches accurate real-time information to the workforce without any missing particulars and confusing terminologies.
3. Alerts engineers about substations and their assets/equipment optimization to align evolving modernizations.
4. Proactively detects energy deficiency at G&T at multiple substation units, then notifies the sore points promptly for on-time resolution.
5. Assists utilities in successfully boosting the power production capacity of plants that ultimately contributes to reasonable energy distribution.

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