PAX Route Analytics


 Passengers are the key drivers of revenue for aviation industry. Meeting passengers’ demands and preferred destination choices plays pivotal role in attracting more passengers to specific airport. Bringing more PAX traffic to airports eventually results in attracting more airlines bringing boost to airport revenue. Airports compete aggressively for new routes from a variety of airlines with significantly different business models. It gets tougher to convince an airline on the merits of a new route from specific airport

A targeted and effective route development strategy is vital in order to secure long-term growth for airports. Our multi-staged route development process helps airports to secure new air routes.  Our proven multi-phased analysis of the market, economy, catchment and competition identifies gaps in the airports network and determines target markets and ideal airlines to deliver these growth opportunities. Our analysis helps in identifying passenger preferred route and revenue forecasts, including the potential for transfer traffic. This detailed business case developed by us through data analytics helps airports for presentation to a target airline and locking the deal.




Airlines always have a choice as to which destination to serve. To secure a new route or bringing new airline, airports require to answer key airline questions on basis of facts, like:

  • As an airline why should they be flying from your airport?

  • Why your airport is better than your competitor airports?

  • Is there going to be high increase in PAX flow to your airport?


For successful engagement with airlines, airports needs to be focused on:

  • Identifying and introducing the potential opportunity on basis of facts

  • Ensuring the route can become financially sustainable within a reasonable timeframe

  • Providing insights into airline route economics and robust traffic and yield forecasts

  • Setting out key economic or leisure indicators that will strengthen the proposed services 

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