Water Conservation Programs


Higher water usage, high usage irrigation system, frequent drought conditions and undetected water waste triggers the need for water conservation techniques. Every customers regardless of their age, gender and geographical location, has personal responsibility to use water wisely and find ways to conserve.

The success of water conservation programs depends on various factors and understanding true situational awareness of water demand and supply. Our AriesPro Artificial Intelligence for Utilities(AAIU) algorithms and data driven techniques provides valuable insight into water consumption, understanding our customer usage behavior and building programs for targeted audience; empowering customers to reduce water usage with personalized conservation programs to receive 100% successful campaign.


-         Near Real Time water waste and conservation techniques visibility
-         True situational awareness across water distribution system
-         Ability to modify and deploy water conservation programs and achieve conservation goals
-         Offer water conservation programs to our customers based on data facts
-         Manage water waste efficiently
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