Concessionaire Analytics


 Concession revenue is one of the most vital non-aeronautical revenue stream for any airport systems. Airports have typically performed cost-benefit analyses and concession reporting is often done manually. Cashier systems differ widely from concessionaire to concessionaire, with as many as 40 or more different types at some large airports. Further, these concessions are often part of a franchise or store network, each with their own reporting systems and requirements. As the retail industry settles on common standards, information integration may become easier. Airports need to examine these concession systems, watch for standardization in the retail industry, introduce new revenue streams in the concessionaire space, and explore integration of these systems.



Facts about Concession revenue -

 • According to JD Power’s North American Airport Satisfaction Survey, passengers that report high levels of satisfaction at an airport tend to spend up to 45% more in retail shops, on average

• Based on data reported to the FAA, on average, revenue from food and beverage programs at U.S. airports represented 35% of the total 2012 terminal concessions revenue; retail represented 41%

• With digital/mobile concessionaire promotions and social media integration, airport can open up new revenue streams and increase revenue with highest passenger satisfaction





AriesPro's Concessionaire Analytics Difference/Benefits -

 Our concessionaire analytics solution offers pre-built data models and analysis framework for real time, actionable concession revenue information to understand, analyze and improvised concessionaire space of non-aeronautical airport revenue. At an airport with integration and consolidation of critical information systems, key executives can have access to important information at their fingertips (desktop, mobile, tablets, website, etc.)


Information for example: 

 • Robust calculated metrics for concession sales per enplaned passenger (SPE)

• Concession revenue (food and beverage, news and gift, services, other) per passenger, per O&D, per square foot of terminal space

• New revenue stream areas of opportunities such as digital promotional coupons, advertisement of concessionaire, social media integration

• Identify poor performing concessionaire element and restructure or re-design or introduce new trends and tenants based on passenger demographics and needs

• Integrated concession information in a centralize common-use system for self-service analytics


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