Public Sector Enterprise Asset Management Solution

Overview –

 Enterprise asset management (EAM) is a broad term used by vendors to describe software that provides managers with a way to view company-owned assets. It gives company the power to improve capital asset management in order to increase the reliability, ensure regulatory compliance, reduce energy usage, enhance predictive maintenance, and support sustainability initiatives.


The goal is to enable managers to control and pro-actively optimize operations for quality and efficiency. Enterprise Asset Management facilitates operations by automating requests for upgrades, regular maintenance and decommissioning or replacement. An up-to-date system can highly improve government operations by removing communication barriers, simplifying the reporting and transmitting of data, and reducing costs by putting several important administrative areas onto a single, easy to maintain platform. 


Benefits/KPIs –


Using years of progressive asset management experience and proven methodologies AriesPro has provided several benefits to public organization and citizens:

 Increased the maintenance productivity while meeting the regulatory compliance

  • Achieved a payback of greater than 16 months on their investment in their Enterprise Asset Management solution.

 Reduced equipment downtime by 17% and increased their labor productivity by 25% after deployment of their Enterprise Asset Management solution.

  • After deployment of their Enterprise Asset Management Solution, we helped extend their asset life by 15%.

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