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APPA E & O Conference 2019 (Diamond sponsor)

Join us at APPA Engineering & Operations Conference, the largest APPA E & O event to learn more about leading edge technology solutions presented by AriesPro. As the only Diamond Sponsor of this event, we have lot to share and educate our peers in utility advancement software products.


-   Attend our joint client/vendor presentation on predictive outage analytics and how AriesPro analytics helped utility achieve insight into predictive outage management cost and AMI meters performance through data driven system

-   Experience AriesPro real time analytics application with live demonstration and client case studies

-   Find out more about AriesPro’s Engineering, Operations and Enterprise Resource Planning software products and services specifically designed and built for Electric Utilities

-   Learn more about energy efficiency and demand response programs using our proprietary software applications

-   As an event sponsor, pick up your stamp to win Grand Prize contest

-   Join us at Diamond Sponsor booth to learn more about public services solution techniques

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