Data Analytics Transforms Power and Energy Utilities

Data Analytics Transforms Power and Energy Utilities

The Challenge

A major Eastern North Carolina Cooperative, managing thousands of customers, encountered critical troubles regarding faults in operational management, system integration, cost management, energy losses, etc.

AriesPro took the initiative to implement a data-driven analytics solution for the enterprise and enforced unique strategies in order to optimize overall infrastructure. We implemented profound techniques such as data validation to streamline entire operations.  

Our Solution
AriesPro could successfully boost operational capabilities through reliable solutions.

    1.   Proactive monitoring of the whole power distribution network.

   2.   Real-time analysis of energy deficiencies at different levels.

   3.   Load measurement on equipment and active assets on the substations.


We Continue To Lead In Providing Business Transformations Through Digitization


Integrating smart cloud-based analytics into AI, we drive excellent ideas and breakthroughs that have been generated after years of research in the industry niche.

Since its establishment in 2011, AriesPro is committed to unveiling superior ways to satisfy the clients who choose us over alternatives available across the utility industry sector. Meanwhile, our company is continuously reaching better heights despite the robust competition.

Our Specialization

   - Hundred Of Satisfied Clients. 

   - Multiple Industries- Electric, Gas, Water, and broadband.

   - Highly functional utility mobile apps.

   - Profound analytics solutions.


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