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We are a leading provider of Global Workforce Management Systems, dedicated to helping businesses of all sizes manage their workforce with ease and efficiency. Global Workforce Management System (GWFM) is a powerful tool that enables organizations to manage their workforce across the globe. This system integrates various HR functions like recruitment, payroll, performance management, and training into one centralized platform. With GWMS, companies can streamline their HR processes, reduce costs, and improve efficiency.

Here are some key benefits of (GWFM):

Real-time data: (GWFM) provides real-time access to employee data, enabling managers to make informed decisions on workforce planning, scheduling, and resource allocation.

Compliance: (GWFM) ensures compliance with local labor laws and regulations across different geographies. It also helps companies to maintain standardized HR policies and practices globally.

Analytics: (GWFM) provides analytics and reporting tools that help companies to measure and monitor HR metrics like employee turnover, absenteeism, and productivity.

Talent management: (GWFM) helps companies to identify and nurture talent across the globe. It enablesthem to create career paths, succession plans, and development programs for employees.

Collaboration: (GWFM) enables collaboration between HR teams across different locations. It also enables employees to connect, share knowledge, and collaborate on projects.

Let's move on to essential features (GWFM):

We offer a comprehensive Global Workforce Management System that includes all the features & functions.

Working Timesheet: Working Hour Timesheet feature allows employees to submit their weekly working hours, which can then be reviewed and approved by their manager before being sent to HR for payroll processing. 

Listed below are various features included in the working Hour (Timesheet)

Real-time monitoring: Our system's Working Hour Timesheet feature provides real-time monitoring of employee hours worked, allowing managers to ensure that work is being completed within the designated hours and providing an opportunity for timely intervention when necessary.

Customization: Our system's Working Hour Timesheet feature is highly customizable, allowing businesses to set up timesheet templates that suit their specific needs and requirements, such as including specific tasks or project codes.

Overtime management: Our system's Working Hour Timesheet feature also includes overtime management functionality, which automatically calculates and tracks overtime hours worked by employees, making it easier for HR to process overtime pay.

Mobile accessibility: Our system's Working Hour Timesheet feature is accessible via mobile devices, allowing employees to submit their timesheets on the go, and managers to approve them while on the move, increasing flexibility and efficiency. 

Leave Application : Leave Application feature streamlines the process of requesting and approving employee leave. Employees can submit leave requests directly through our platform, and managers can quickly review and approve or reject requests in real time.

The Leave Application encompasses various features, as listed below:

Customizable leave policiesOur Leave Application feature allows companies to create customizable leave policies that meet their specific business needs and requirements. This includes setting up different types of leave, such as annual leave, sick leave, and personal leave, and defining the rules and regulations for each type of leave.

Real-time leave balance tracking: Our system tracks employee leave balances in real time, allowing both employees and managers to view how much leave has been taken and how much is remaining. This helps to avoid scheduling conflicts and ensures that employees have enough leave available when they need it.

Automated approval workflows: Our Leave Application feature includes automated approval workflows, which ensure that leave requests are quickly and accurately reviewed and approved by the appropriate manager. This helps to avoid delays and reduces the administrative burden on HR personnel.

Leave calendar: Our system's Leave Application feature also includes a leave calendar, which provides clear overview of employee leave schedules for managers and HR personnel. This helps to ensure that staffing levels are maintained and that critical business functions are not impacted by employee absences.

Attendance Management: The attendance feature allows you to track employee attendance and manage absences. Our system allows you to customize attendance policies, set up alerts for missed shifts or late arrivals, and generate reports on attendance trends and patterns.

The concept of Attendance Management includes a range of features, which are detailed below.

Customizable policiesWith our system, you can easily customize attendance policies to suit your company's needs, including setting up different types of leave and defining rules for how they are accrued and used.

Automated alerts: Our system can send automated alerts to managers and HR personnel when an employee misses a shift or arrives late, making it easy to keep track of attendance issues and address them promptly.

Employee Details Maintenance: The employee Details Maintenance feature allows you to store and manage all employee information in one central location. From basic contact information to job titles, work history, and performance reviews, our system provides an easy-to-use interface for managing and updating employee details.

Several features are included under Employee Details Maintenance, as mentioned below: 

Accessibility: Our system's central location makes it easy for authorized personnel to access employee information from anywhere, at any time. This feature is especially beneficial for companies with a distributed workforce, where employees may be located across different locations or time zones.

Employee Self-Service: Our system's Employee Details Maintenance feature also includes an employee self-service portal, which allows employees to update their personal information, such as their contact details, qualifications, and certifications. This feature reduces administrative tasks for HR personnel while empowering employees to take ownership of their personal information.

Reporting: Our system's Employee Details Maintenance feature also includes reporting capabilities that allow companies to generate customized reports on employee data, such as employee turnover rates, training history, or performance metrics. These reports provide valuable insights that can inform business decisions and help companies optimize their HR processes.

Payroll Maintenance: The payroll Maintenance feature simplifies the payroll process by automating calculations, tax deductions, and other necessary payroll functions. With our system, you can easily generate payslips, process payments, and track payroll expenses. As mentioned below, Payroll Maintenance includes several features:

Compliance: Our Payroll Maintenance feature ensures compliance with local tax laws and regulations across different geographies, including automatic updates for tax codes and rates.

Integration: Our Payroll Maintenance feature integrates with other HR functions, such as employee details maintenance, to ensure accurate and up-to-date payroll data.

Time Tracking: Our system's time tracking capabilities allow employees to submit their working hours, which can be easily reviewed and approved by managers before being processed for payroll.

Project Management: In project management, GWFM allows project managers to efficiently manage the project lifecycle, from planning and scheduling to monitoring and reporting. The system enables project managers to assign tasks, track progress, and communicate with team members, regardless of their location.

As a leading provider of Global Workforce Management Systems, our primary goal is to help businesses manage their workforce with ease and efficiency. Our system's essential features like employee details maintenance, payroll maintenance, leave application, working hour timesheet, and attendance management provide an easy-to-use interface for managing and updating employee details, simplifying the payroll process, streamlining the process of requesting and approving employee leave and tracking employee attendance and absences. We are committed to providing the best-in-class GWFM system to our clients to help them effectively manage their global workforce.





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