Avoid Blackouts And Keep The Lights On By Embracing Predictive Analytics


July 12, 2021

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Technology has made our life easier than ever, and it has changed people’s perception of the business world alike. The current scenario is completely different from that where we lived 10 years ago.

Just like humans, industry sectors and companies also don’t see survival without advanced technologies. In this chain, the first one comes is utility businesses- especially electric utilities.

Their entire process is upheld by innovations and modern science. And, among various major technologies, predictive analytics has been leading over the years.


“Predicting the future is worth comparing to a blindfold drive down a city where there is no certainty about reaching the final destination.”


So, what if we say- utilities can predict the future?

We are sure half of the folks will make fun of our claim, but this is possible through predictive data analytics.

Despite the overwhelming demand for data & predictive analytics, a large part still seems confused about such digitization approaches. As an initiative to educate utility businesses in this respect, we are about to cover some foremost topics in this blog such as:-


  • What is predictive analytics?
  • How does predictive analytics prevent power outages?
  • Importance of predictive analytics for energy utilities.

What Does Predictive Analytics Mean?


Summing up the entire meaning in one sentence-predictive analytics is a method of transforming essential data into insights for future generations.

Whereas, the defined form states -It’s a subdivision of pioneering analytics in which existing data is utilized to configure separate future data sets. Although this approach requires deep/time-taking analysis, one cannot get accurate data without adopting data accumulation, data modeling, artificial intelligence, and deployment.

Coming to the electric utilities, the same methodology helps utility managers to anticipate the future and thus arrange a compatible solution ahead of power shut down.

We won’t be exaggerating if we say utilities can not ever restore power cuts on time unless they encompass PA.

Outage Management and prevention Through Data Analytics


Have you ever tried to discover the course of action that electric utilities perform for solving blackouts?

Probably not.

Nevermind. Utility engineers and crew undergo several challenges throughout the process that begins with electricity generation and ends up supplying power to consumers. It’s undoubtedly an intricate protocol which leaves utility associates in great confusion.

Thanks to changing innovation, it could contribute to industrial modernization under the shed of cloud data analytics. Continue reading the below points to remove all the doubts.

Maintenance forecasting

Maintenance forecasting or predictive maintenance leverages automation and data analytics to schedule servicing of assets involved in electric transmission, including machines used by G&T, power grid, transformers, and even in power cables.

Around here, the analysis requires necessary data that comes out after evaluation, aging, and past failures. Needless to day, real-time inspection remains the administrator for every single action running to server rigid electricity connections in the designated region.


Prompt outage restoration

Outage reporting requires plan, analysis, and implementation but utilities nowadays rely on a real-time situation overview model to report existing and potential outages promptly so that customers don’t face many issues during blackouts.

Prediction also offers a clear view about performance status of assets that help utilities to anticipate which transformer/power grid has loosen the reliability. In this way, utilities engineers can easily keep a check on under efficient possessions, which enable faster solutions amid rising challenges.


Substation optimization

Cloud data analytics and predictions plays a crucial role in the substation improvement. This approach brings in multiple upsides for electric utilities, right from extending the life span of assets to reducing capital expenditure.

Electric distribution utilities (that still don’t use data analytics) struggle a lot when fulfilling the rising energy demands. They often examine and optimize the active substations to ensure ZERO customer inconvenience.


Energy conservation for fulfilling fluctuating demands


Whether short-term or long-term, energy consumption forecasting always feels equally arduous. Now, when innovation, AI, and analytics have proved its worth for the global utilities, engineers show greater interest in utilizing cloud data analytics to predict forthcoming load on a specific grid in addition to revealing a sharp rise in annual electricity demand.


No communication gaps


Predictive analytics and artificial intelligence together efficiently handles unexpected risks or failures in the utility operations. Keeping assets in fine working condition does not only boost the production capabilities of G&T, but the same also refines customer experience by saving them from encountering less blackouts.

Aise from this, analytics cut down the gaps between customers and managers who are responsible for responding to queries, then acting upon the complaints to restore the shutdown.


Few More Unique Advantages Of Predictive Analytics For Utility Industry


With numerous widely known benefits, predictive analytics has been slightly turning into a definitive choice for all sized energy utilities. Few unique advantages includes:


  • Excellent customer service: Utilities are supposed to provide convincing customer services despite the regular complications. A steadfast predictive system provides crew workers with accommodating plans to bypass power shutdowns faster.
  • Low maintenance cost: Irrespective of the industry-type, routine maintenance often turns out to be expensive, compared to emergencies. Moreover, good condition of assets gives better outcomes. This demonstrates the value of predictions in noting down technical faults before it befalls in utilities.
  • Enhanced safety: Utilities, especially electric utilities move closer to dangers during stormy weather and high-temperature days. Hence, dynamic predictions reveal data that schedules appropriate repair timing to safeguard mode of work.
  • Better performance of field workers: Predictions when blended in with AI, it sets out tactics that assign workset to the right crew. Utilities use some specific software to ensure availability of technicians where risk is relatively high.
  • The software assesses assets to determine their risk of failure. This measurement improves logistical planning so that maintenance personnel will be in the right locations to handle high-risk issues.
  • Fraud prevention: analytics recognizes usual meter readings, which usually happens due to inefficient assets. It then seeks a solution for the failure to stop fraudulent-like activities.

Avoid Power Outage Efficiently With AriesPro


Predictive analytics is an ultimate approach to eliminate power shutdowns for sure, but utilities can not make their best possible use without the support of industry leaders like AriesPro.



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 The organization owes multiple obligations towards modernizing electric, gas, water, and broadband utilities. Meanwhile, their client history in the electric industry is indeed encouraging.

Utilities enjoy high customer satisfaction levels and increased ROI when they put the correct analytics approach in place. In this connection, AriesPro comes up with three advanced cloud-based web mobile-friendly applications to execute precise data analytics. They are:

  • UFO (Unified Field Operation)
  • ADEAL (AriesPro digital energy analyzer)
  • SMAA (substation maintenance and automation app)

(Note: For details about individual apps and their functional capabilities, consider visiting the company’s website.)

Want to adopt modernization? If yes, then don’t wait.

Also take time to understand company’s goal by watching this quick video:-

Final Conclusion


Predictive analytics is not a new concept in the industrial sector. However, it will take time to earn worldwide fame. Enterprises like Aerospace, manufacturing, IT companies, and similars have been taking advantage of cloud analytics & automation for more than decades.


“May blackouts never darken the sparkle of this beautiful world, and lights keep on twinkling around.”


Are You Confused Yet?

Understanding data and predictive analytics is confusing terminology. You need proper research plus the presence of mind to become well familiar.

Calm down! Write down your queries to us via mail or drop a comment. We make every possible effort to answer it on time. Also, don’t forget to share this post.

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