How AI And Machine Learning Help Utility Industries To Meet Modern Challenges


October 15, 2021

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In the past few years, technology has brought numerous challenges for the business world. The impact of digitization and advancement can be seen everywhere, whether we consider a new firm to an established organization.

Together with the revolutionary technologies, artificial intelligence and machine learning also experienced changes such as worldwide implementation and rising demands.

Some benefits of artificial intelligence for utilities:-

  • Forecasting load on the grids.

  • Timely optimization of assets and other equipment.

  • Catering to the rising demand for energy.

  • Accelerating maintenance projects to accomplish certain goals on time.

  • Improving the customer experience by identifying the rising needs.

When it comes to utility industries, the competition gets almost doubled. However, the use of the right solution is the best means to address the rising challenges.

Utility owners should understand the future of business, which is going to be decentralized, digitized, and completely automated. So, how can businesses overcome the troubles and embrace better growth? Let’s dig it out.

Why Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Is So Vital For Utility Companies?

Utility industries as a whole undergo significant changes according to how technology evolves. The traditional approach that relies completely on manpower can’t resist the highly mutative ecosystem. 


Even though it took time for organizations to understand the significance of AI & ML, we can now see the change these days across various sectors, mainly the utility industries. 


As of now, some organizations could have overlooked the role of artificial intelligence in their business growth, but the hype around this technology has now been creating awareness among everyone. 


While AI identifies the endless possibilities in business automation, machine learning eases up the implementation of the latest use cases. Apart from that, Artificial intelligence and ML can bring various benefits in some aspects such as:-


Prediction of failures


With the right calculations set up, administrators can all the more likely anticipate network disappointments before they arrive at the client. Therefore, energy organizations can stay away from client disappointment and the related monetary misfortunes that accompany it. 


Energy management


Floods in energy use can mess major up to the network. By appropriately designating energy dependent on request, administrators can empower "load the board" across the network, saving assets when required and at last prompting greener, more proficient practices. 


Maintenance of Grids 



Energy networks cover enormous areas of the nation and can regularly be hit with various climate situations simultaneously—high breezes in a single region, lightning strikes in another, weighty downpour in altogether unique locales. Having the option to computerize the admission of upkeep flags and foresee where support might be required empowers administrators to focus on work, set aside cash, and decrease vacation.


Introducing Utility AI and Machine Learning Technology-AriesPro

As a prominent data analytics company, AriesPro has offered high-grade services and solutions for utilities for the last 10+ years.  


In the field of AI and machine learning, we again do remarkable work. We provide reliable solutions for electric, gas, and water utilities that help them to stay updated with the progressing world. 


Check out the offerings in detail:-


> Company's cloud services ensure greater data processing capacity of the utility infrastructure that requires real-time solutions to function better. 


> On the other side, the cloud services can reduce the risks, unauthorized access to a company’s data, which is considered to be the major reason behind data-related troubles. 


> Their services keep on evolving continuously according to the demand. Hence, we never stand behind in the race of leading utility analytics companies. 

> The analytics operates via advisory mode- not command. Thus, it can qualify all security standards.

Analytics companies are gaining worldwide popularity and are even more popular among utilities since they tend to cope up with the industry transformation for a better customer experience.

Cloud analytics is a perfect combination of AI and machine learning to extract useful data from IoT immediately. This technology fosters real-time data management for enterprise-wide utility operations.

Experts foresee diverse alternatives to the cloud in the future, but the majority of global utilities still stand in favor of utilizing cloud analytics even after years.


Our list of utility solutions includes:-


  1. AriesPro ADEAL
  2. AriesPro UFO
  3. AriesPro SMAA
  4. AriesPro UCRA
  5. AriesPro Vegetation Management Analytics
  6. AriesPro 


Leading services:


AI-based cloud services.

IT security services 

Outage management system

Energy services



Final Conclusion 


In the end, we conclude that utility industries are going to confront even more challenges in the coming days. It’s not just about survival, but adaptability.


No company can expect to grow unless they embrace the changing technologies with time. Good point is that most companies have implemented artificial intelligence and machine learning in the existing infrastructures. 

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