A Concise Guide To Optimizing Back-office Operations For Electric Utilities


July 20, 2021

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Back office is the least noticed unit in every enterprise, even though it contributes a part to success. When It comes to power utilities, this workforce again plays a vital role in every operation, from enabling hassle-free electricity bill payment to correct implementation of outage management systems.


Back office workforce triumphs, the organization triumphs


Another valuable benefit that comes out from proper back-office administration is customer service improvement. People are not supposed to wait more than 2-3 minutes for responses to their queries, and their patience level drops quite enough when there is a sudden power shutdown.


Well then, get a better grip over the concept of ‘back office’ integration since it’s a must for survival these days. This brief guide will probably answer all your questions.

Major Advantages Of Back-Office Process Optimization


Optimization of utility processes, especially back-office fine-tunes the whole proceedings and makes it seamless for the managers to achieve forecasted goals. As obvious, we can’t wrap in entire pros mentioned here but have added leading ones that can nurture novice companies for discovering the endless possibilities. 


Refined Customer Interaction 


‘Customer is the king’. This statement is universally applicable and a proven fact too. The least your customers interact with the business, the happier they feel. However, they are going to contact power distribution companies at some point for sure. Therefore, the back-office crew must be proficient in handling customer complaints actively and facilitating them with a viable solution on time.


Our proclamation may sound biased, but utilities are no longer able to interact well using manual methods. Just imagine a scenario when the entire city has confronted blackouts, and people keep on calling the distribution company to figure out what’s wrong or how long it will take to restore. Now, can a technician (or group) analyze the situation alone? Absolutely not. 


All they need is digitization. Once the operations are backed with automation, data analytics, and innovative technologies, even a sinking corporate can thrive in this progressive world. 


Lower Communication Gaps 


Communication is the lifeblood of every industry. Talking about the power utilities, conveying the right message avoids the call transferring from one department to other by expeditiously resolving customer issues. 


Aside from, effective communications remain a boon for internal utility operations as well. For instance, the power restoration technique requires consistent dispatch of data to adjacent units. Back office crew comes first in this list which collects initial details from the customers, transfers them to the engineers & top-level managers, then that information moves to the field workforce for correct and on-time restoration. 

Prompt Solution To Issues 


Issues are normal to occur at corporate bodies, but utility companies are prone to greater risk. Irregular energy supply, faults in the equipment, outages, etc might sound like routine jobs, though these count as core concerns in modern utilities.  


Troubles will automatically go down when various departments at utility skink up with each other to observe their problem-solving approach and gain expertise. Once again, the back office turns out to be an integral segment that passes on adequate erudition during the time when the crew is in dire need of reliable data. 


In case, back-office integration hangs loose (for some valid reason), companies fail to perform any of the succeeding actions, which put a full stop to the dynamic world. 

Optimizing Back-office And Overcoming Common Dilemmas


Based on studies and fact-checks carried out by various experts, companies often undergo certain dilemmas, thinking about facing back office breakdowns. This creates bundles of anxiety among engineers. 


A million thanks to cloud data analytics that showed great transformation in some enterprises and thus encouraged utilities to exit from the conventional methods. Currently, close to 100% of global utility industries have been managing every aspect, from invoicing to predicting the troubles. 


Modernization of the energy distribution system is also possible due to innovative practices and data execution. Based on the existing circumstances, we can anticipate that these upgrades seem to head off to carrying extraordinary transformations worldwide.

Grow Your Utility Manifolds With Ariespro’s Mobile-Friendly App


Communication, coordination, and control are the three main pillars supporting the growth of enterprises. Irrespective of how fast the digital revolution is changing the things around us, industries can still improve their efficiency  and can allocate productive plans ahead of challenging times.  


Let mobile technologies redesign your business model…...


Moreover, the smartphone dominance has urged utility companies to embrace mobile technologies in the form of fully functional mobile apps that monitor entire operations going on at an enterprise while securing a solid connection among energy providers and customers.


AriesPro Technologies, the leading utility analytics company, introduces one such technology- AUTILI app that focuses on backing up mainly the back office administration where the whole utility gets benefited.

Let’s have a quick overview of what AUTILI indeed does:-


Provides a self-service portal to customers where they can directly connect the crew working in the back office in order to report outages, know the reason for outages, and other related queries.


Creates and dispatches specific reports to the utility workforce so that appropriate solutions can be driven and at the right time. AUTILI ensures zero error in the details, which eliminates disasters.


Demonstrates timely asset optimization schedules that reduce further risks. For electric utilities, this approach avoids blast, grid failure, distribution network collapse, and alike hurdles.

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End Conclusion

Integration of advanced analytics to back-office operations is the new norm. Utilities and worldwide enterprises are now aware of this fact. They understand that industries are eventually going to adopt digitization for seeking sustainability. If you don’t want to declare insolvency, step into the revolutionary era where the future resides.


Aside from breaking down facts out of our research and examination, we focus equally on attaining revolutionary ideas from brilliant minds. Grab the opportunity and proceed to share your thoughts in the comment section. Or else, reach us via mail.

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